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Glass nail file provides quality and careful nail treatment

Owing to the technology of production the filing surface of the glass nail file is formed of many uniform microscopic spikes that are evenly distributed over the surface. Therefore performance of the glass nail file is delicate and careful yet efficient. The customers feel the treatment with glass nail file agreeable. Nails are smooth after treatment, smoother than after treatment with ordinary paper or metal nail files. Long-term usage of glass nail file prevents undesirable nail chipping and contributes to overall well-being of your nails.

Glass nail file does not wear out and blunt.

Filing surface of ordinary paper or metal nail files consists of grinding grains attached to the base. Grinding grains fall away in a progressive manner; the nail file blunts and becomes useless. The filing surface of the glass nail file is created right out of the nail file body, by chemical reaction onto the surface. Therefore

a practically unlimited lifespan of the filing surface is achieved.

Glass nail file is durable sufficiently.

During production every glass nail file goes through hardening process, while the mechanical resistance increases significantly. The Certificate issued by accredited laboratory proves that flex-strength of hardened glass nail files is by 100% higher in comparison with non-hardened samples of glass nail files

Glass nail file is highly hygienic.

Thanks to material features glass nail file is not porous and therefore cannot absorb water and form environment for bacterial or fungus germ multiplying. Moreover, glass nail file can be disinfected, boiled or sterilized by any means (heat, liquid, e.g. 60% alcohol, UV light). Even in aggressive conditions glass nail file retains its qualities, does not suffer from corrosion or other undesirable change of its properties. Decorated glass nail files should not be exposed to solvents and temperatures above 200 °C, since the decoration may deteriorate in such conditions. Glass nail file itself is not affected.


Glass nail file is advantageous for professional usage.

Glass nail file offers two great advantages for professionals: the excellent grinding performance ensuring quality and careful nail treatment and the advantage of sterilization eliminating the risk of spreading nail infections among the customers. These qualities will bring more and more satisfied customers.

What is Glass Nail File assigned for?

Glass nail file is recommended for treatment of both natural and artificial nails (while treating artificial nails the file is to be dipped in water frequently). Glass nail file is convenient for both home and professional usage. Glass nail file with your company logo will serve as an unusual promo item. Glass nail file with sandblasted, hand painted, hand engraved design, glass nail files decorated with stones, photo printing or laser design will become an exceptional gift. Crystal glass nail files are an extraordinary product for nail care, and therefore they gained over their purchasers among companies dealing in different and diversified business fields.


We supply the glass nail files for:

•companies dealing with health and beauty products

•nail and cosmetic salons, beauty parlors and wellness centers •advertising agencies


•hotels and spas


•souvenir shops, gift shops and jewellery shops

•as promotional give-aways




Maintenance of Glass Nail File

Cleaning glass nail files is simple. It is sufficient to wash the glass file under running water after use. For strongly contaminated files can be used a brush and soap

or detergent. In case of accidental contact glass nail file with nail polish, oil or oil resources the glass nail file should be cleaned with organic solvents according to the safety instructions. Organic solvents are not suitable for cleaning decorated glass nail files because of possible damage of the decoration.


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